Step 1. (how to roll a blunt)Get yourself a minimum of a half 8th/1.75 grams of pure kick ass (bio) weed and find your damm blunt!!!
Step 2. (how to roll a blunt)Ok, chop your weed up into manageable size pieces (grind). Get your self an "exacto", razor blade or box cutter.
Step 3. (how to roll a blunt)Open your blunt and......
Step 4. (how to roll a blunt)Take your wrapper of your "Phillies blunt" (and maybe save it for later)
Step 5. (how to roll a blunt)Cut a straight line from the top to the bottom of your blunt through the shell. (try and do it in 1 go). Don't try and saw it like a tree.
Step 6. (how to roll a blunt)When you are positive that you have made a cut all the way through, carefully peal open the blunt like a banana.
Step 7. (how to roll a blunt)Shovel out the contents with your thumb (finger).
Step 8. (how to roll a blunt)Clean out the inside of the shell for any left over pieces of tobacco.
Step 9. (how to roll a blunt)Make three little cuts by the mouth piece so the shell does not break that fast when you roll the blunt closed again.)
Step 10. (how to roll a blunt)Hold open the shell as wide as "it" can
Step 11. (how to roll a blunt)Evenly distribute herb
Step 12. (how to roll a blunt)Pick up the blunt and get a feel for where the herb is.
Step 13. (how to roll a blunt)Pack the weed down a bit using your fingers. This way the weed stays in place and tight... a bit.
Step 14. (how to roll a blunt)Now start your first rolls towards closing the blunt.
Step 15. (how to roll a blunt)Pinch you thumbs to your index finger making a rolling motion and roll blunt closed.
Step 16. (how to roll a blunt)Lick the blunt (severely) don't drewl or puke.
Step 17. (how to roll a blunt)And seal..... making sure it looks somewhat straight.
Step 18. (how to roll a blunt)some time a little extra pressure time on your SPIT! helps...
Step 19. (how to roll a blunt)Pack the blunt down with a pencil and add more if you want. :)
Step 20. (how to roll a blunt)Lick the opposite side of the overlapping seal to allow your blunt to dry straight or smoke with in 5 minutes. No problem.
Step 21. (how to roll a blunt)Now, Get your "Phillies" wrapper and wrap it around your blunt. For the "Officials".
Step 22. (how to roll a blunt)Put in an airtight package. Should be good for about three to four weeks. And Airtight!! You can go swimming with these bad boys.
Step 23. (how to roll a blunt)THIS IS HOW..
Step 24. (how to roll a blunt)YOU ROLL A BLUNT! WANTED DEAD, STONED OR ALIVE... Have you seen these blunts?? reward about 15€

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